Hyperfish Integration Framework

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Hyperfish Integration Framework enables Hyperfish customers and partners to extend the service to non-directory systems such as SAP, Workday and other structured data sources. Using the Hyperfish Integration Framework, organizations can analyze, collect, and update missing profile information across almost any structured data source, automating the process of keeping profile information fresh and up-to-date. Customers can now use Hyperfish to collect information that has been time consuming or difficult to get collect in the past, such as employee skills and expertise, asset registration, and personal information.



“We’re really excited to be able to extend Hyperfish from working solely on Active Directory to being able to collect missing information in practically any data source”

Chris Johnson (Hyperfish CTO)

The Hyperfish Integration Framework also enables customers to perform daily imports from HR external systems like Workday and SAP into Office 365 and Active Directory, without the need for complex identify management solutions or customization. Customers can now utilize HR information within Office 365 to power capabilities such as Organizational Charts, Approval Workflows, and advanced Team collaboration.

connectors screenshot

“We’re seeing Office 365 become a primary hub for people and information within many organizations. People don’t want to login to multiple systems to get their work done, Office 365 offers a compelling single place to go”

Brian Cook (Hyperfish CEO)


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